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Another Woman Died In The Hands Of Her Husband, See How He Killed Her & What He Did After



When something terrible or upsetting happened, women knew to go to their husbands or brothers because men were more likely to be protective and defending of women back then.

However, in modern society, it is men who pose a threat to women and so must be protected from. It seems like no day goes by without news of another sexual assault or murder of a woman.

The fact that they are being murdered by the very persons tasked with protecting them is particularly disturbing. When your safe haven becomes your worst nightmare, where do you go for help?

Another tragic case of a wife being murdered by her husband has been reported. It has been reported that a 41-year-old advanced life support paramedic from the Grobelaarsdaal EMS Station in the Sekhukhune District died as a result of domestic violence.

The officer’s husband is suspected of stabbing her repeatedly over the course of the weekend before fleeing the scene. In regards to the earlier incident, he turned himself in to the local police yesterday. It was a huge loss for the health department to lose such a hardworking and devoted individual.

It hurts that some callous individual decided to end her life so soon. The motive for the murder has not been disclosed, but inquiries are under way. I believe that reinstituting the death penalty in South Africa is the only solution to the epidemic of murders of both men and women. Some people are so vile that they have no business being in human company. Peace be with her soul, and may justice be done for her murder.

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