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You cheated on me with a guy that drives 2007 Camry whereas I own 2012 Lexus – Man berates girlfriend (Video)



A young Nigerian man has been captured on tape engaging in an argument with his girlfriend because she allegedly cheated on him..

He reportedly took a soldier to her house to retrieve the iPhone he bought for her after finding out she wasn’t faithful.

In a video which surfaced on social media platforms, they were all inside a car driving to an unknown location and arguing about who is at fault.

The guy wondered what women want as he expressed shocked at how she chose to betray his love and trust despite all he does to pamper and take care of her.

What baffled him the most was that the man she cheated on him with, reportedly drives a 2007 Toyota Camry, whereas, he drives a 2012 Lexus.

The girl, however denied cheating and she saw his action as an overreaction to an unsubstantiated claim.

Watch the video below:

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