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“Who De Breathe?” – Nigerian Man Breaks His Piggy Bank, Counts N5.5m Cash (Video below)



A Nigerian man has inspired people on TikTok after he proudly showed off the N5.5 million he has saved in his piggy bank.

In a viral video he posted on his TikTok handle @offwhite633, he brought out a large wooden box and carefully cracked it open.

His followers on TikTok were surprised at the large quantity of crumpled 1000 Naira notes in the box.

The man saves N5.5 in piggy bank Offwhite shared followup videos, to show when he has finished counting the money and had arranged them in bundles of N500,000.

A simple count of the bundles in the last video shows that they are 11 in number, meaning he was able to save N5.5 million.

Although, Offwhite did not mention when he started dropping money in the box, but many people usually starts saving in January.

Watch one of the videos below:

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