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“Uk is currently the 37th state in Nigeria” – Reactions as U.K considers tightening restrictions on Nigerian migrants



Most Nigerian youth wants to leave the country and seek greener pastures in a foreign land due to the current economic situation of the country..

British government to consider tightening immigration rules on dependents because nigerians were moving in their numbers.

According to a report by dailymail, Some 34,000 Nigerians were given study visas in the UK, bringing with them a total of 31,898 dependants. A similar ratio was recorded for work visas, with 8,972 Nigerians issued with one in the last twelve months up to June bringing with them 8,576 dependants.

How Some Nigerians Reacted To the News of UK Tightening Immigration Rules On Dependents

Nigerians are not finding it funny, and they’ve reacted to the news with many saying there’s no going back for them to Japa.

@dav_properties: More reason why Nigeria needs to be fixed at all cost next election decides Nigerians faith or else we go see extra ordinary shege.

@tcheedees: Was it free??? IHS for each person no be joke. They made mad cash from it so they should please, give us a break.

@kevwe_a: UK is the capital of Nigeria e go reach everybody las las.

@judeez_official: Ah ahh now!! Be like Dem don too notice say our people don dey Japa fulltime God Abeg o… pray this isn’t so serious.

@wendy_adammaa: They should at this point because in two years there will be no one Left in Nigeria.

@veevogee: inUk is currently the 37th state in Nigeria. E go reach our turn

@xlyteofficial: As them dey make their rules, some people still dey go tommorow

@it.s_dim: You better leave the gate open, after all you colonized us, colon’t you?

@kiya ng: Discussed this with someone few minutes ago, Nigerians are overdoing it.

@chiefndozi: We will still come that YouKay.. they haven’t seen anything yet

@layemifearless: Nigeria has happened to the UK.

@princejefferypj the same reason why USA stop Visa lottery.

@hayuurr Make una no block way for us wey dey come too now, why we wicked like this?

@kellyelvira God abeg…. Make them miss road give the wrong country ban abeg. I no va relocate.

@wendy_adammaa: They should at this point because in two years there will be no one left in Nigeria.

@badboi_omoluabi: If Uk lock gate, we go climb fence.

@urbanqueen: Make dem sha no lock gate before enter biko

@davejoyful: I have a dream, a dream where UK won’t matter anymore, a dream that will so be a reality.

@ceo_blaze: Una never see anything sef 6 make we just dey pray make Obi win if not UK will become an extension of Nigeria.

@monigberase: Nigeria’s are family oriented, many white girls don’t like dating Nigeria guys because na so so how family they suffer for home dem dey talk about.

@getitrightnaija: Very good let’s all stay in our country, especially for those supporting this yeye apc govt. let more countries close their boarders against nigeria so we can have sense. How did Dubai get it so right in 50 years that we have refused to learn from them in 62 years ??

@kokolet_naturals: Una never see anything self make my money complete na my clan I dey bring.

@stanleynanka What can I say? We value family more than Chinese and Indians combined.

@bitcoin chief: We actually value family they should be proud we do

@emmanuelsonchibuike God abeg. neva go ooo, make Uk calm down fess.

@iam_abelson: Why are they angry? Were they not our colonial masters? Who asked them to join Nigeria together? Who asked them?? They should carry their cross. They put us in this condition.

@thelma_adabekee: Nigerians really value family and family relationships, one doctor in my church went four years ago and everyone in his family done Japa. Even grandma went in Easter

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