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“They Want To Put Me In Detention Because I Said It’s Those In Govt That Steal Oil” – Peter Obi Says



Hours ago, the presidential candidate for Labour Party, Peter Obi was interviewed on Channels Television once again. During this interview, he spoke about Oil theft in Nigeria and how those in government want to keep him quiet by putting him in detention because he made it clear that they are the ones stealing oil in the country.

According to Obi, oil is not something an average Nigerian can steal easily and sell in Nigeria. He stated that to steal oil, a lot of protocols and processes are needed which involves the government.

He said, “For one to steal oil a ship has to come into your territorial water and load the oil. No ship ship can come in or leave after loading without the approval of the navy. This is where the government protocols come in.

“They want to find a way to put me in detention because I said it is those in government stealing oil. They always say Obi is causing trouble because they know those who are actually stealing the oil”.

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