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“Some men have discovered that we hide our bad characters with tricks like cooking and doing laundry” – Lady advises ‘wife materials’ to re-strategize



A Nigerian lady, identified as Blessing Robert, has advised women who are trying to prove to their partners that they are ‘wife material’ by cooking, cleaning and doing laundry to re-strategize because the trick is not working anymore.

Blessing in a post shared on Facebook said some men have discovered that women hide their bad characters by doing chores whenever they visit whereas they are terrible people.

She then advised such women to go back to the drawing board to come up with another strategy to convince men to marry them because the previous one is now obsolete.

She wrote,

“Dear Wife material,

Stop trying to prove nonsense.

Cooking for a man and washing his clothes will not make him marry you. These days men have greater needs than food and laundry.

Meanwhile, some have discovered that we hide our bad characters with those tricks. Doing wify duties as a girlfriend is not a guarantee. Stop proving nonsense ! Lets re-strategize”

In other news, a popular faceless account on Twitter known as Jon d doe has advised women on how best to keep their marriage problem-free and maintain a successful marriage.

He stated that a woman can show how smart she is in the presence of her kids and during conversations with the general public but never with her husband. He is of the opinion that men will not marry a woman who acts like she is smarter than her husband. Read here

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