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“So Shocking” – Students Conducting Ultrasound For Fun Discover One Of Them Is Actually Pregnant (Video below)



Students conducting ultrasounds on one another were shocked when they realized that one of them was actually pregnant.

The unbelievable clip was posted by @BornAKang and was shared on a Twitter post that went viral with over 200 thousand likes and 20 thousand retweets. The caption of it also summarized the mood perfectly:

“This is a wild way to find out you’re pregnant.”

Watch Video Below:

Finding out you’re pregnant is either amazing news or bad news, with very little in between. It’s great when you plan to have a family with your loving husband, but not so great when you are a student trying to complete your studies.

The clip started off normal but changed once the student asked what was in her stomach, and the others reacted incredibly shocked by what they saw. Peeps online were shocked but amused as well.

See the comments below:

@bhadgalcaro said: “How come the baby it’s in the second trimester coz ”

@Vand3rX mentioned: “She knew she just wanted a free ultrasound ‍”

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