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Rat strays into NDLEA exhibit room, gets high on drugs (video)



A rat has gotten high after straying into an exhibit storage room for cannabis..

Femi Babafemi, NDLEA spokesman revealed this after sharing a video of the rat running in circles on his Twitter handle on Monday.

He said the rat began to misbehave some minutes after it strayed into the exhibit room on Friday.

The rat, which according to Babafemi was under the influence of cannabis, is seen spinning repeatedly.

The spokesman added that there is a message in the situation, asking Nigerians to shun mind-altering substances.

“Stray rat gets high on C/S: So this rat on Friday strayed into the exhibit room where cannabis was stored in one of @ndlea_nigeria commands and few minutes after, it began to misbehave,” Babafemi wrote.

“Need I say more? The message is clear. #SayNoToMindAlteringSubstances#”

See video below:

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