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Pregnant Lady Aborts Baby Two Months After Boyfriend Sponsored Relocation To US To Give Birth



A Nigerian lady identified as Cynthia Agbor has shared the sad tale of how her friend sent his pregnant girlfriend abroad to give birth and she decided to abort the baby instead.

The friend allegedly had plans to join his partner abroad and get married but he was shocked to find out she aborted the pregnancy because it made her lazy and unable to focus on work.

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“This guy legit sent his babe to the US with the 2 months old pregnancy with plans of her giving birth there and he joining them.
Guess what, aunty aborted the pregnancy at 4months. Saying the pregnancy is making her lazy and she can’t focus on work while there o

She wanted him to go pay her bride price. Disturbing him about marriage. She didn’t want to return back for the marriage. Saying her sister will represent her. After which he should join her in the US. I think sometimes we ladies think our JUJU dey strong. I’m happy he is healing”

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