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My job is done – Obasanjo says as he drags Peter Obi to his “OWN” seat (Viral Video)



A video of former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo dragging Peter Obi to his own seat to replace him before leaving has gone viral.

Obasanjo placed Peter Obi on his “OWN” seat, then he took the mic and said very short words – MY JOB IS DONE.

Watch video below

Oluwasenu P who was the MC as the event has revealed exactly what happened, according to him;

1. A screenshot of this video from my IG stories is going viral. Here’s the clearer video/the full gist.

I had the honour of MCing this event organised by @fidelitybankplc to celebrate the national honour/award given to Prof Benedict Oramah, President of @afreximbank.

2. Peter Obi @PeterObi walked in as OBJ spoke & sat at the back of the hall. Some tried to bring him to a seat in front. He refused.

OBJ noticed & told them, “leave him alone o”. He then went himself to bring Obi to the front & gave him HIS OWN SEAT. Then said, “my job is done”.

3. I shared the video on my IG stories and asked folks if they thought it was a symbolic gesture.


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