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Man Puts House Up For Sale To Raise Funds As Ransom For His Two Kidnapped Children In Kwara



Aman identified as Mr Lukman Aliyu, a resident of Aseyori community, Alagbado area of Kwara State has started selling his belongings to raise the N8 million demanded by gunmen who kidnapped his two children, Abdulkadir Lukman and Muhideen Lukman.

The kidnappers at first demanded a ransom of N20 million but after a series of negotiations, they told Lukman to bring N8 million or lose his two children. gathered that Lukman sold his car for N1,500,000 and also indicated an interest in selling his house to raise the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

“Lukman has sold his car for N1.5 million and was able to raise an additional N500,000 from his circle (family and friends) to make it N2 million now.

“Since the kidnappers insisted on N8 million or they will kill his children, he has no other choice but to decide to sell his house. His condition is very pathetic. I pray government could intervene in this matter and save our community from these kidnappers.

Our lives are under threat because we do not know who is who and who is their next target,” Alhaji Mustapha, a resident of the community told

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