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“Lets Talk About 2023 Election, Assuming Peter Obi Didn’t Contest, Would You Have Still Voted APC or PDP Despite All They Did?



From all indications, it seems almost every right-thinking Nigerian is tired of voting in useless leaders and is ready for trying something new that promises us better tomorrow!

Now, let’s talk about our future and the future of our kids (born and unborn). So, I expect you all to be damn serious.

The 2023 General Election is fast approaching and this is the very first time in the history of Nigeria that 3 major Contestants are competing for the seat of the No. 1 Man in Nigeria and the main man in Aso Rock.

With this fact, it’s obvious that the 2023 Election will be one of its kind and it will go a long way in the History of Nigeria as far as Election is concerned.

It has always been PDP and APC – never a Third Party with a major candidate but it seems the next coming Election is going to be different.

Apart from the normal killings and all other intimidation that comes with the Election in Nigeria, there are other factors that the 2023 Election will trigger.

APC will spend massively to sell and make Tinubu win the Election.

Trust Atiku na, PDP will spend aggressively to outdo APC and make their Candidate emerge as the Winner.. (Dollar was flowing in the Primary, So, you should know what to expect in this coming Election)..

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Peter Obi is enjoying the END SARS grace and from all indications – everybody is saying he will win as we are tired of voting the same old people.

Their Campaigns will be aggressive and their Sweet mouth will be second to none as they have to promise us Heaven and Earth that they won’t give us.

Well, let me leave too much long talk and face the matter at hand..

Now, here is my question for you all

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