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Leaked s£x tape of HIV+ crossdresser, James Brown banging a woman gets many talking (WATCH)



A video sighted by shows that HIV/AIDS couldn’t stop James Brown as his sex video and p*nis insertion with a woman gets leaked on Snapchat..

In the trending video, James Brown is seen as he was trying to insert his manhood into the vagina of a yet-to-be identified lady, who was lying on his bed.

The s£xtape of James Brown has shocked many Nigerians as many questions began to resurface.

Watch video below

Reactions below gathered by :

Michael: I thought they said James brown is an hiv patient so why’s he having unprotected sex?

Angeles: Like I said here, all these boys acting like they’re gay are doing it for the hustle.. They’re not gay. It’s Business for them and they can knack.
Once they hold your Girlfriend, she’s gone. E,g James Brown, Mr Risky and.

Adewale: Why did l search for James Brown’s video😭😭😭😭😭😫😫
Effects of not minding my business.

Bayede: I’m not surprised James Brown is having sex with a female but unprotected sex??😳Not trying to be a stereotype but has he forgotten he has retroviral disease??

Bob: Thought James brown was g@y? See as the werey burst sperrm full that girl body.

Princess: James Brown, the “Princess of Africow” is pretending to be gay, and now his sextape with a woman got leaked.
He even said he had HIV, but he was having unprotected sex.
This is so confusing.

Ayo: Bob risky dey fuck, James Brown dey fuck too, my brother don’t be deceived oooo nothing sweet pass pussy mbok.

David:James brown sex tape …

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