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“I Apologized To Nigerians Cos I’m Not Sure This Govt Has Met Nigerians’ Expectations” – Aisha Buhari Reveals



The First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari on Thursday noted that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari may not have met the expectations of Nigerians. President Buhari’s wife said the All Progressives Congress-led government may not have met it because Nigerians have many expectations.

Aisha made this claim during an interview with the BBC, adding that this is why she apologized to Nigerians. Recall that the first lady a few weeks ago had apologized to Nigerians over the state of things in the country.

Aisha apologized during the special prayers she organised on October 1 to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the country’s independence.

The first lady in her statement said, “The expectations on us were so high and maybe after seven years, we haven’t met their expectations. Only God knows what is in somebody’s mind.

“As a human being, you can’t say you are right or you have done what you should, so the government has really tried, the administration did its best but may not be the best for others. So we must apologize to Nigerians whether we met their expectations or not.”

The First Lady when asked about the area she thought the Buhari administration has failed, said she didn’t follow the government programmes.

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She added, “I don’t know, because I run my office like a charity; I only accept people, but I don’t belong to politics. All I do is support them in terms of health or education. I don’t follow what they do.”

Speaking on the 2023 general elections, President Buhari’s wife said the ruling party will win the forthcoming election.

She noted,

“We faced a big challenge because when my husband came to power there were no resources, but I insisted that we are the ones who said we will do it and we have to do it.”

The first lady while speaking on her political ambition said, “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be the wife of the President. It’s a great position. I thank God and I am asking him to make us finish safely and to hand over power to the APC government.

“I don’t have any political ambitions. I will be the wife of the former president, what else am I looking for?”

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