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Funny moment woman steals police car (video)



In a viral video making the rounds online which captured the moment a suspect nearly got away after hopping into a police car..

The lady who was acting like she is mentally troubled, staggered until she got to where the police car was parked and she entered.

Policemen reportedly responded to a disturbance call and they were interrogating her to determine whether she should be arrested. They alighted from the vehicle and left the keys in the ignition.

The officers quickly rushed towards her to stop the lady from driving off but she had already turned on the ignition and she drove for for a few seconds before stopping and jumping out of the car.

However, it seems she did not put the brakes so the vehicle began to move in reverse and slide down the slopy road.

They tried chasing after the car to stop it, but it was too fast and they could not catch up so it hit a tree.

She was eventually arrested by the cops and her neighbour could be heard trolling her over the fact that she would be sent to jail.

Watch the video below:

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