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Drama As Young Man Who Gives Girlfriend N50k Per Month Catches Her Cheating (Video below)



A young man has been captured on tape creating a scene after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another guy.

He confronted his babe and her lover in a room and wondered why she decided to be unfaithful despite giving her N50k every month.

She then argued that the money he gives her is not sufficient and the guy she met gave her N200,000 just for a night.

The boyfriend queried her to know if someone who sends N50k is not doing something significant. But the young lady insinuated that the amount she pays for her hair is high and she had no choice than to collect the N200k.

Two other men were in the room with them and it seems one is the person she cheated with. They were preventing him from charging at his girlfriend as he seemed really angry and hurt by her betrayal.

Watch the video below:

In other relationship matters, a married woman has shared a complicated story about being trapped in a web of deceit and disloyalty.

She cried out and fumed about her boyfriend cheating on her with another lady despite all she’s done for him.

According to the lady who pleaded anonymity, she and the lover have been in a relationship for two years because her husband stays overseas.

She said that she takes care of him and even helped the boyfriend to rent a house with her husband’s money.

On how she found out he was cheating, the woman said she saw a text on his phone from a lady who sent a message that she was missing him

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