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Confusion As Man Driving Wife’s Car Meets Her Other Husband Who Bought It For Her



A Kenyan man has shared an interesting story of how his wife had been living a double life with two husbands.

The man simply known as Joe said that he took car out for errands and bumped into a man who asked him why he was driving his wife’s car.

He was confused by the question so he responded that the car belongs to his own wife.

However, the man he ran into, took him to his office and showed him documents proving that he bought the car for her.

But Joe who drove the car made it known that she told him it was bought with loan she took from her workplace.

The second man said that he only sees her on weekends because she works in another city whereas she told the first hubby that she is running her MSC programme every weekend in Masinde Muliro University.

The post reads; ”You borrow your wife’s car to run some errands in town. Then as you park the car, a gentleman approaches you and politely asks what you are doing with his wife’s car?

You tell him it’s your wife’s car. He takes you to his office and shows you the car’s logbook and other documents. Meanwhile, your wife (the mother of your 2 kids) had all along told you she bought the car with a loan she took from her workplace’s SACCO loan.

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You tell him to show you the photo of his wife. He shows you the photo of his wife. Voila! It’s Achieng your wife! Same photo. Same photo. He say his wife works in Kericho and sees her only weekends. Meanwhile, your wife allegedly attends her Masters Degree classes every weekend in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega every weekend, for the last 1 year.”

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