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Confused Man In Abroad Mistakes Raisins For Cockroaches And Removes Shoe To Hit Them (Video below)



A confused man mistook raisins for cockroaches in a potato salad dish. The overzealous reaction to the unorthodox addition is what sealed the deal.

Rathipa_Rampedi posted the gut-busting clip on Twitter that left peeps in tears from the aggression the passionate gent displayed. The clip begins with the gent uncovering the potato salad and immediately taking off his shoe to beat the “cockroaches” he thinks he sees. The rest of the party calms him down and tells him they are raisins, leaving him slightly confused.

The clip was originally posted by meganmathis on TikTok, which has racked up millions of views online. The video also highlights how different people have different tastes in food, although including raisins in a potato salad is quite uncommon for many.

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