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Bride’s Brother Who’s Been Abroad For 6yrs Storms Sister’s Wedding, She Cries & Runs (Video below)



A short video shared by @gorgeous87_ on TikTok has shown the moment a lady, @sassy_revelin, could not keep calm as she became overwhelmed with joy on her wedding day.

Without informing her, her elder brother who has been abroad for several years showed up and walked into the church during her white wedding ceremony.

Bride screamed at sight of brother Immediately the lady spotted him for afar, she started screaming. The bride left her groom at the altar and ran into the embrace of his brother. It was such an emotional reunion.

They both stayed locked in a tight embrace for several seconds as people tried to capture the moment on camera.

The bride said: “…so it been 6yrs have not seen my elder brother,even when we lost our father he couldn’t show up because of the COVID19 situationso weeks to my wedding he told me he couldn’t make it anymore…”


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