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Alleged audio of Shettima talking about bad plans for Igbos resurfaces online



A leaked audio between the Kashim Shettima, Vice presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, and a man identified as Kunle disclosing his plans for the Igbo tribe has surfaced online. In the audio, he was allegedly heard revealing the plans of the North and West against the South East and Southsouth regions of Nigeria..

In the audio, he allegedly claimed food is more consumed than fuel and explained what will be done to Igbos this time. He says: “Good too! If you put fuel and food by the side, which one is consumed more? Good! And we have food. So, Igbos are virtually helping themselves. Let me tell you, even in Yoruba land, let me tell you what they will do to Igbo this time.

“What Oba of Lagos said that we are pushing them to the ocean. Most of these markets they are banning in Lagos, look at it, they are Igbo dominated markets.

Do you get me. They realised… In fact, some Yorubas were telling me when I was in Lagos last weekend that, it is we the Northerners when we were in charge of Lagos as Federal capital that opened room For Igbos to come and dominate them and it’s over now.

“And it over. All the business the Igbos are doing, we are to bring it and do it. And I was telling you, after 4 years. At least North we are Liberal, but in the South west Kunle after 4 years, Igbos can never be useful, relevant again in the South-East, wait and see… “

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