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“A lot of ladies are single because they don’t know their destiny husband is a married man” – Apostle stirs controversy (Video)



Popular singer turned pastor, Emmanuel Okose reveals that the real reason a lot of women are single is because their destined husband is a married man..

According to the preacher, when a man marries another woman who isn’t his soul mate, when he meets the lady he is destined to marry, there would be trouble in his marriage.

He revealed that a lady who isn’t ready to be with a married man (who happens to be her destined husband/soulmate) she might remain single forever..

His assertion has sparked series of reactions from netizens;

Never seen someone say so much without saying anything. 🤝

Cheating husband don drop advice lmao

Ogbeni keep quiet. Who dash this one Apostle? God is really patient. You dey try endorse adultery? Interesting times!

Apostle wan marry woman leader for church.

This is a very bad utterance coming from an apostle, God can never give you another woman’s husband as urs, Apostle stop justifying extra marital affairs and infidelity

Shall we share the Grace in Fellowship
O Lord behold your creature

Why is it always the women are presumed not to give peace to their husbands?? SPITTING RUBBISH WITH SO MUCH CONFIDENCE !! Mtcheww!

How these so called men of God rope in ‘ God ‘ into their stupid analysis pisses me off. The Bible said love your wife, and never said love who you want to marry. There is nothing like soulmates, that’s an illusion. This man might be saying this to justify whatever is happening in his marriage but needed the Bible to back him up. Just saying tho*

Our God is not a confused God, he can’t allow any body that walks with him marry wrong. With all due respect Sir, if you want to cheat,cheat in peace!! Don’t bring our God to your confusion state

Nothing like Soulmate in the Bible. Oga keep quiet. The Bible said “Love who you Marry”. Not marry who you love. That alone implies a lot of things. God instituted marriage, only His word on the matter is Final!

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