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15yrs Old Girl Scores 8 A’s In WAEC, Smashes JAMB With 351, Gets 97 In Math



A young Nigerian girl, Ogunjobi Moyinoluwa Adekemi, has amazing results in both her WAEC and UTME results in 2022. In an exclusive mail sent to by Taiwo Ogunjobi, Moyinoluwa had A1 in eight papers, with one B.

Consistent excellence To show that the girl has always been a smart kid, Taiwo revealed that she was the overall best student in school since JSS 1. It should be noted that she scored seven A’s in 2021 WAEC.

According to the mail, the smart kid has the words “Yes I can” pasted on her table to serve as a motivation for her to keep pushing hard towards her goal. That was not all. She sat for UTME in the same year and had an excellent score of 351.

A part of the mail read: “She was determined to succeed with the “YES I CAN” mantra posted on her reading table as a reminder. She’s been overall best student in her school ( Home Science Association Secondary School, Alakuko, Lagos State) since JS1.”

Orphan cleared his WAEC Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian man known as Jibola on Twitter went online on Monday, August 8, to narrate how an orphan performed so well in his 2022 WAEC result.

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