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Stop Feeling Important, I Only Used You As Example – Nkechi Blessing To Her Ex Falegan



Actress Nkechi Blessing has replied to her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan, asking him not to feel important because she only used him as an example so young ladies won’t repeat her mistake..

Nkechi Blessing in a viral video claimed she only dated Opeyemi Falegan just to make her ex-boyfriend Mike jealous which we believe she achieved and he replied to that by asking her to stop mentioning his name because she now sounds empty and has no content aside from him.

Nkechi Blessing has replied to that by saying Opeyemi Falegan should stop feeling important because she only used him as an example to advise young ladies from making the same mistake she made and not that he’s important because on a scale of 1- 10 he’s nowhere close.

Nkechi Blessing then added that now it’s clear who left the other and she’s only talking about him now because he’s a perfect example and also shaded him that he’s supposed to leave that rat hole he’s staying but because he can’t afford a new place, he’s still there.

screenshot below;

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