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“She Told Me To Open the Gate in My Uniform” — Policewoman ‘Assaulted’ by Prof Duke Abiola Speaks



Professor Zainab Duke Abiola, a legal practitioner, and some of her staff allegedly assaulted Inspector Teju Moses, her orderly, in Garki, Abuja, on Tuesday.

Following a viral video of the visibly injured officer narrating her ordeal, Muyiwa Adejobi, the public relations officer of the Nigeria Police Force, announced that the culprits had been arrested.

FIJ has now obtained an audio detailing the experience of the police officer at the professor’s house. Reports of one Prof Dike Zainab of Area 11 in Abuja who allegedly assaulted her Police Orderly & also ordered her maids to beat her up. Thorough investigation & prosecution of the culprits will serve as deterrent to others. Totally inhumane & unacceptable!!!

In the audio, the officer was heard saying her awful experience with Abiola did not start on the day she was assaulted.

“I am Inspector Teju Moses, attached to Professor Dike Zainab around Area 11. Yesterday, after I helped her take her things to the car, she told me to open the gate. But I told her that I could not open the gate because it was raining and I was in uniform,” Moses narrated.

“She told me to go assist a staff to open the gate but I repeated the fact that I was in uniform and it was raining. She then said that why would I answer her that way, that it was a query, in her words. So, I kept quiet.

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“When we got to the court, she told me to take all the papers handed to me and ensure I signed them. I told her that I could not sign the papers because I didn’t know what they contained. She insisted that her previous police orderlies did what she asked without questioning her. She then started to insult me on the court premises and said that she could call the Inspector General of Police to get her a new orderly.”

Moses said that Abiola told her that she was going to deal with her and claimed that she knew the IGP’s wife. The insults continued as they returned to her house.

“The next morning, she told me to bring all the carpets in the car to clean them. I explained to her that I could not do so because I was in uniform. She asked why I was so stubborn. ‘I looked at your face and you looked gentle,’ she said to me.

She continued to say that she would deal with me. ‘I have dealt with high-ranking officers. I can remove your uniform at any time. I mark your exams,’ she said. She also said that my dirty boots stained her car and went on with the insults,” Moses said.

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Moses said that Abiola went to her police division to report her, and she was subsequently advised against riding with the professor in her car.

“I went to her house to get my bag when I met her at the gate. She was holding a piece of iron and said that she was going to make sure I was stripped of my uniform. ‘You this witch, you think you are stubborn?’

She said. She did not allow me to enter the house or retrieve my bag. Instead, she instructed her maid and one other male staffer to beat me up. She threatened the maid that she was going to hit her if the maid failed to hit me. They chased me around and hit me with that metal bar that looked like a crowbar,” Moses said.

Passersby came to Moses’ aid after they heard her call for help.

Adejobi said that preliminary investigations showed overwhelming evidence of culpability on the part of Abiola and her domestic staff, and according to him, Usman Baba Alkali, the IGP, has ordered their “express prosecution”.

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