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Nigerian Lady Who Graduated With 3rd Class Shares Her Story On How She Do Employs People With 1st Class



A Twitter user @reedahkh has shared her unique story of how she graduated from the University with a 3rd class and now employs first class graduates.

Read her story below; “I graduated with 3rd class. I employ people with 1st class and pay salaries. I earn what people with 1st class can’t even imagine earning. I have influence that 1st class people leverage on to help facilitate their wants.

I’ve never used the 3rd class cert for anything above.” Apparently some people are triggered by this tweet bcs they couldn’t comprehend the English. To break it down, your class of degree or certificate doesn’t determine your success in life.

You can graduate with 1st class and be the most successful person on earth or vice versa You can also graduate with 3rd class and be the most successful person in life or vice versa. What you people need to stop doing is shaming people that graduated with 3rd class. Follow @OgbeniDipo to learn about career please.

I used to think 3rd class was the end of the world but look where I’m at in life. My class of degree motivated me to be better. I graduated top of my class in software development and again, the certificate didn’t do anything with respect to getting a job.

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It was purely about my capacity as a developer. I also employ based on that. This 1st class-3rd class mentality is because our minds have been conditioned to see government employment as the goal of going to school. Nonetheless, this doesn’t justify not paying attention to your course work in school.

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