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Kid Exposes His Mum’s Secrets After Dad Bribed Him With Noodles & Egg (Video below)



Hilarious reactions have trailed a video of a boy exposing his mother’s secrets after being bribed with food.

His father had handed him noodles and egg as promised with the assurance to cook it for the lad if he rats on his mum.

In the video, the boy was first hesitant, then he began to expose the things his mum did in his dad’s absence. He said she uses his spray, wears his clothes to the market.

The lad added that his mother also takes his dad’s phone to call her friends whenever he is asleep. Exclaiming in surprise, the man asked the boy why he had not been told this before now.

The lad innocently replied that his mum gives him coco pops to keep sealed lips. This made his father go back on his promise and retrieve the bribe items.

Watch the video below:

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