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“I Was An Only Child” – Mum Shows Off Her 101 Great-Grandchildren In Sweet Photos



Marguerite Peg Koller was the only child of her parents and she craved a sibling in her early childhood. According to Marguerite, life as an only child was so lonely and she always prayed for her mother to birth another child.

She had to go outside every day to find other children within the neighbourhood to play with. Since her desire for a sibling wasn’t forthcoming, Marguerite began to wish for a large family to come from her; a wish that came to pass.

Marguerite’s prayers were answered Marguerite found love and together, they birthed eleven children who produced 56 grandchildren for Marguerite. Presently, the proud great-grandmother has 101 great-grandchildren and viral photos showed all of them posing together for a family shoot.

Speaking about their large family, the children revealed that they feel proud and excited to have come from such a unique home. “It was such a great experience growing up in our family. Even now that we’re all grown up, we’re still such great friends,” said the 60-year-old ninth born, Chris Kohler, 60, who married a man with the same last name, though spelt differently.”

Chris also gushed over her parents’ love and affection for each other. “They had such a great relationship. They worked hand in hand in the business and at home. They always had to be together, always holding hands. I was hoping that I would find something like that for myself”, Chris said.

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“We had so many brothers and sisters around to play with and help us. That made an impression on me, and so I always wanted to have a big family”, she added. 96-year-old mum with 36 grandkids goes viral.

Meanwhile, previously reported that the photo of a 96-year-old Nigerian grandmother, Monica Okoye, with many children has stirred massive reactions on social media with people saying that she is indeed blessed.

Sharing the snap of their large family, one of the children, Dr Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi, appreciated God for the gift of life. Ifeyinwa revealed that Monica birthed 12 children and eight who survived among them gave her 36 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren.

On her Instagram page, she also shared a short video of Monica’s children dancing around her as the nonagenarian celebrated her 96-year-old birthday. compiled some of the reactions her post gathered on the platform.

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