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“I Buy Them N50k” – Nigerian Rev Sister Has Confesses As She Is Caught With 15 Kids (Video below)



Maureen Wachinwu, a woman who runs the St Francis of Assisi Orphanage Home in Rivers state, has landed in the police net for the alleged abduction of 15 children.

This is coming after it was suspected that children housed in the home were abducted from different parts of the south-south region, but the woman claims the orphanage home is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

In a video seen on social media, Maureen said she is a reverend sister with Her Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, a congregation based in England.

But she confessed to buying some of the 15 children in her custody who were bought at prices ranging from N50,000 to N100,000. According to Maureen, she receives the kids from one man known as Victor and another woman called Miss Alice.

Her words:

“Some of the children are mad people’s children. The others are brought to me by one Mr. Victor. Sometimes he comes with them in twos. One Miss Alice brought two to me. Alice said since I am a beginner that I should take them.

“Sometimes when Victor brings children, he will be demanding money. But due to the pressure on me sometimes I give N50,000, N60,000, and N100,000.”

When looked up the congregation mentioned by Maureen, what was found online is Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters. This is a group founded in 1922 by Father John J. Sigstein. Instead of England as claimed by Maureen, the group is based in Indiana, USA. It is not clear if this is the group she claims to belong to.

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The story was later posted on Instagram by @instabog9ja.

See the post below:

Story of reverend sister found with 15 children generates reactions

@__wendyrose said: “You buy human being for 50k. Let’s leave church or anything religion out of this, where is humanity for crying out loud.”

@heyitzpearl commented: “It’s the confidence in her voice for me. She’s the only Nigerian in that congregation but as usual, she ruins it and gives us a bad name.”

@lulusmooth added: “This woman is a registered and a trained thi*f and a kidnapp*r. look at the way she’s talking like she is reading hymn book.”

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