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Heartless Video of Queen Elizabeth Feeding Africans Like Birds By Throwing Food On The Ground For Them (Video below)



Social media users have gone haywire after an old video of the late Queen mother of England, Elizabeth II popped up on social media.

Following the demise of the Queen, there have been some historic uproots. Some videos of her visit to Ghana and some part of African countries have popped up on social media.

One of the videos that have gotten the attention of many people was an old video where Queen Elizabeth was feeding a group of Africans by throwing food on the ground for them to pick.

This video has caused a stir on social media and has caused a lot of people to talk.

Watch Video Below:

Read some comments below….

@giftbright: Them no go show us this one’s oooo Africans really see shege for this people hand

@honeylizzy: So na this same person una dey celebrate?

@bibi: How she go rest in peace ??? Mtchewww

@trevor: They have been treating us like slaves for a very long time till now

@VIVIAN: Ehen as pigeon Abi wetin… eh God we don suffer even till now.. it’s well

@SARAH: This isn’t funny at all

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