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“Don’t dress like a grandmother when you’re looking for a husband” – Faith Oyedepo advises ladies



Faith Oyedepo, wife of popular clergyman, David Oyedepo, has advised single ladies to dress smartly so they can attract husbands.

The wife of the general overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, who gave this charge during a sermon in a trending clip, urged ladies to maintain appealing appearances to attract eligible suitors.

According to her, dressing well will attract eligible partners to them rather than dressing like an old woman.

The clergywoman said if unmarried ladies are already looking like grandmothers now, how will they look when they marry and start birthing children?

“Young ladies don’t dress like grandmother when you’re believing God for a spouse.” She said.

In other news, Faith Oyedepo has said any woman or women’s organization that attempts to question the position of man in a family should be seen as one under a demonic influence.

Her comments come just few days after her husband said females who want to practice feminism should forget about marriage.

According to Mrs. Oyedepo, women are expected to be in subjection to their husbands in everything.

In her words,

“Any woman or women’s organization that attempts to question the position of the man in the family should be regarded as being under a demonic influence. God expects that just as the Church is subject to Christ in everything, even so, women should be in subjection to their husbands in everything.”

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In a rejoinder post, she wrote ;

“Submission by the woman to her husband has to be done in love, not out of fear or threats. When it is rooted in love, it is perfect and brings God’s presence down in the home. Healing For Hurting Marriages”.

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