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Angry Nigerian Lady Throws Out Husband Half-Naked After Catching Him Cheating



A Nigerian woman has thrown her husband out of the house after she caught him cheating in their matrimonial home.

In a short video shared by True Life Stories, the visibly angry woman almost had a brawl with the lady her husband committed the act with, but neighbours separated them.

The man with only a wrapper around his waist could be heard defending his action, arguing that his wife deprived him of a lot of things.

The angry woman slammed the man for engaging in an extramarital affair under a roof she pays rent for with her money. The next thing she did was to go into an adjoining room to fetch his ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags.

She began throwing the bags and his other belongings out, saying that he should leave her house. The cheating man kept screaming that he is the man of the house, but his wife wasn’t to be moved by his manly declaration.

She went for his TV hanging on the wall and attempted to smash its screen. Neighbours tried to dissuade the woman from her actions by telling her to consider the kids. The woman responded that she would take care of the children herself.

Emmanuel Efemena said: “But really, how can you have a lady strong enough to provide and hold a home together and be looking outside. The lady was too calm and just wanted him out. I don’t know their about the build to this but what I do know is if you have a queen then you’re really blessed.”

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Tony Okey said: “Some of us don’t get it the man was shouting how the woman was depriving him a lot of things and that was what prompted him to behave the way he did but he was wrong for bringing the girl in side their matrimonial home south south people Sabi do this kind things.”

Frankonero Proso said: “Madam thanks very much for your actions you did very well i have my reasons for appreciating your actions but am not going to mention them. “The lord almighty will strengthen you and your lovely kids.”

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