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“Will They Still Pay Bride Price?” – Man Sweeps In-law’s Compound And Wife Says It’s Their Culture (Video below)



A video has shown the interesting moment when a man swept the compound of his in-laws during his traditional wedding.

The lady who shared the video says it is part of their culture that a man sweeps during the traditional wedding.

However, the video has generated heated debate on Instagram as some people are saying it may not be appropriate.

A viral video has shown a man sweeping his in-laws’ compound when he went for his traditional wedding.

It was not only the man that was sweeping as his friends also joined hands with him to use brooms and clean the compound.

It is our culture, says the bride
Some people on Instagram are raising eyebrows, asking questions about why a man would be asked to sweep during a traditional wedding.

But the lady who shared the video has insisted that it is n the culture of her people in ask the groom to sweep as part of the marriage rites.
However, others who claim to be from the area mentioned by the lady contend that it may not be true since they have never seen such in their culture.

Watch the video below:

Instagram users react

@chichi1beke commented:

“Culture or family tradition? Anyways, nothing wrong with him sweeping.”

@beeyeenka said:

“Anambra men left the chat and block the admins.”

@ijele_egooyibo reacted:

“Which Nkanu East biko? Which village? It’s only in your family house biko.”

@makiie_ said:

“Let him sweep it there… And pack it too not sweep and push one side.”

@tochinifashions commented:

“I like this culture. Should have made them start sweeping from the main road.”

@queen_perky_mimi reacted:

“Yes Nkanu people I have witnessed in Nkanu before is fun and real.”

@mercylucado6 said:

“I’m from Nkanu East never heard of it nor seen it.”

@mc_nomicable reacted:

“After sweeping, will der still pay bride price?”

Lady calls out her husband

In a related story, reported that a lady called out her husband some months after their wedding.

According to the lady, the husband called Emmanuel Egba borrowed money to pretend during their wedding.

But after the wedding, the lady claimed the man could not properly take care of her as he has failed to open a tailoring shop for her as promised.

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