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UNBELIEVABLE: Check The Number Of Russian Soldiers Who Have Died So Far In This War



One might have thought that Russia with it superior military power and ammunition will win this war very easily. However, some top Russian military officers have exposed President Putin on the reality situation of Russian soldiers on the battlefield in Ukraine.

According to these top military personnel, the numbers of battlefield dead and wounded are closely held secrets on both sides. The British military recently estimated the number of dead Russians at 25, 000, with tens of thousands more wounded, out of an invasion force of 300, 000, including support units and some who were not even seen nor recorded at all.

In other reports, Russia have not been able to conquer Ukraine yet because most of their soldiers have died and are lacking manpower now. President Putin in an effort to increase Russia’s military effort are deploying all insane measures to make sure more men are forced or coerced into the military.

As a result the salaries offered to some volunteers, which can range between $2,000 and $6,000 a month, are far more than the average monthly salary in Russia of about $700. Prewar contracts for privates sometimes were as paltry as around $200 a month.

In some situations old men who are above the Russian military retirement age of 40 years are still forced to fight on the frontline. Some men who are even students without any war experience have all been pushed to fight against Ukraine. One soldier alleged that people who are in depth are made to fight with their lives on the line just to clear their debts.

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Another added that President Putin is now resorting to the services of mercenaries and terrorists to fight alongside Russian soldiers. Going out to the streets of Unkraine, most Russian soldiers have died and left to be fed on by vultures.

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