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Tinubu And Atiku Are In Serious Trouble As Peter Obi Supporters Take Another Step Forward (Details below)



APC and PDP are in some hot water right now as the Obidient movement is spreading all over Nigeria.

Peter Obi is acquiring fame as a great number of Nigerian young people are supporting him.

The Labour party presidential candidate has come to the spotlight of numerous Nigeria who preferred him to be the next Nigeria president. As per report there are individuals who volunteers to campaign for him as the party is accused of not financially equipped for winning the election.

This time the movement has lunch TV station to advance Obi Presidential campaign.

The TV station is called Obedient TV.

It is getting perfectly fascinating.

A few Good meaning Nigerians, Media tycoons from North, South West, SouthSouth and SouthEast have launched Obidient TV. It will broadcast far reaching through Free on Air Channels. In Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba and numerous other Nigerian dialects.

This isn’t costing PETER OBI Shi Shi. This is from Obidient Volunteers.

This isn’t about IGBOs or CHRISTIANS.

This is about BETTER NIGERIA.

We are good people.

We deserve the best.”

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