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“She Raped Me & I Will Sue Her In Court” – Young Man Reveals & Causes A Stir Online



A young man who claims to be 26 years of age has been recorded on a live radio program accusing an elderly woman, probably between the ages of 45 and 50 years of raping him.

Speaking on the Oyerepa Afotuo show on Oyerepa 100.7 FM, the elderly woman seems to believe that the young man has deceived her and dumped her after sleeping with her.

If you listen to the argument between the young man and the elderly woman carefully, you can see that it was the elderly woman who propose love to the young man, however, she didn’t tell him her correct age.

The young man, therefore, stood on this ground to dump the elderly woman and she being broken-hearted went on the radio to seek justice.

The young man also believes that he has been deceived by the age of the woman and considers the situation that the woman has raped him looking at the vast age difference. As a result of this, the young man threatened the elderly woman on live radio that he is going to sue her in court for rape.

This is what the young man said in the typical Twi language, “Antie Naa, this woman has deceived me. She is more than 42 years old and she didn’t tell me. I am just 26 years of age and she deceived me and slept with me.

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If she doesn’t keep quiet, I will sue her in court for rape”. The elderly woman also said that the young man is more than 26 years old because his immediate elder sister is 36 years of age. So she believes the young man is probably 34 or 33 years old.

He is just using that as an excuse to dump her but she will not agree. Some social media users after coming across this video burst into laughter. Others advised elderly women that there are a lot of lazy young men out there. They don’t love them but pretend to be in order to extort money from them.

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