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“Park it and use Uber”– Businessman warns Benz owners about impending disaster (Video)



Businessman Adefemi Lawrence, has sent a strong warning to Benz owners in Nigeria not to drive their cars towards any flooded area if they wish to avert disaster..

The businessman said that people who own Mercedes Benz in Nigeria should resist the urge to drive it out during the rainy season else if they get stuck in flood, the car would be damaged.

Fekomi said that the best alternative if they do not have another brand of car, is to use e-ride hailing services, Uber.

He specifically said that if the car finds itself in flood, the steering rack would go bad, and it is a major problem because the market price for another one is N3million.

The young man further stated that he was sending the warning to those that drive G-Wagon, GT and some other exotic Benz cars.

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