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My Wife Died And Left Me With 9 Kids But Instead Of Marrying Another Wife, I Did This – Man Narrate (Details below)



Francis Mbuthia, a resident of Nairobi, recounted in an open and honest manner how his life turned upside down following the passing of his wife. He asserts that he was put in the difficult position of having to choose between marrying another lady or taking care of his children on his own.

Because of his decision, he had a tough time making ends meet for his family for many years. He was responsible for supporting his children.
After completing his education in Muranga, Francis moved to Nairobi in search of employment. Francis was born and reared in Muranga.

As he worked quickly, he came upon a young lady whom he became very taken with. He proposed to her, and she accepted his offer to wed her.

He said that they had been bestowed with eight children and that in order to provide for them, they worked a variety of part-time jobs. However, when their youngest kid was two years old, it was their lastborn child. After being hospitalized to the hospital for a few days, his wife had a stroke that ultimately led to her death.

He said that following the passing of his wife, a number of people advised him to marry another wife so that she might assist him in the upbringing of their children. Because he continued to feel affection for his late wife, he found himself in a difficult situation. He was also concerned that his children, particularly the youngest one who was just two years old, might be abused by another lady.

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Francis made the difficult decision to raise his children without the help of anybody else. He said that he had a hard time with it since he did not even know where to begin. After being let off, he began soliciting employment from his acquaintances, who offered him a variety of positions to fill.

Francis was able to be a good parent to his children because to the support of his family members, who were there for him whenever he needed assistance. I was barely able to provide for my family, but I never stopped believing in or supporting my kids. According to Francis.

He said that his children were put through a lot of hardships due to the fact that they did not have a mother figure to guide them and he was not very knowledgeable about how to assist them. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, they were able to educate themselves and create a life for themselves.

When they were older, his sons were able to assist dad by securing a variety of occupations and ensuring that their younger siblings’ educational expenses were covered.

Francis said that all of his children are adults now and have moved out, leaving him to care for himself. He is miserable, and there are moments when he wishes he had found a wife and settled down. He forgot about himself and focused all of his attention on his children, who are now grown and have families of their own.

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He is, however, proud of the fruits of his labor as well as the accomplishments of his children. He is certain that his wife, even in her postmortem state, is pleased with the accomplishments he has attained as a parent.

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