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Moment At Wedding As Side Chick Teams Up With Baby Mama And Attack Her Boyfriend’s Wife (Video below)



Hell broke loose when a side chick and baby mama came to her baby daddy’s wedding. She was not aware that he was getting married and she made sure that she ruins everything for him and his new wife.

A video of her horrible behavior was posted on Twitter and people were beyond disappointed at the way she behaved. Instead of attacking her disloyal and her liar baby daddy, she attached the woman and that was completely out of order.

In the video, she was attaching the bride and said that she has kids with the groom and that he slept at her house the day before the wedding. She was shocked to know that he was getting married the day after they spent the night together.

Watch Video Below:

People were shocked at the level of deceit that the groom has. How could he cheat on his wife, a day before his wedding?

Mzansi is hopeful that the bride will leave him because he is nothing but a cheater and heartbreaker. If he can do that the day before they got married, who knows what he’ll do when they are married.

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