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Just Because I Said NO Doesn’t Mean You Can Go And Date Someone Else – Ghanaian OAP



Ghanaian OAP Delay, Deloris Frimpong Manso has sparked outrage with her tweet asking her suitors not to date another person just because she said no to their proposal or advances..

The relationship status of Delay is hard to confirm whether single, married, or in a relationship, because she sometimes gives the impression that she’s single and at some point gives the impression that she’s in a relationship hence can’t pink point out her relationship status.

But this tweet of hers gives the impression that she’s single and also is playing hard to get with all those who have shown interest in her telling them that just because she said no to them doesn’t mean they can go and date someone else.

According to Delay, they should wait for her because she knows what she’s doing and that has sparked outrage on Twitter as some tweeps agree with her while others disagree but we are interested in knowing what exactly she’s doing before accepting the proposal of her suitors?

Tweet below;

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