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“If You Are A Man, Just Touch Me” – Angry School Girl Undresses And Dares A Boy (Video below)



Two students, a boy, and a girl, probably between the ages of 15 and 20, were caught on camera attempting to engage in a fight.

She approached the boy and began undressing. She takes off her shoes first, then her socks, and finally her white shirt. She was daring the boy to hit first, but he was just staring at her.

It is unclear what motivated the girl’s behavior toward the boy. However, what the boy did prompted people to praise him because he has matured as a man.

He didn’t say anything or do anything. He demonstrates that he can control his temper. The girl later regrets her actions because she expected the boy to react so that they could fight, but he did not.

Users on the internet are rooting for the boy because he did not touch the girl. And, given the boy’s height and strength, the girl was no match for him.

watch the video below.

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