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I’d Be Stupid At My Age To Be Afraid Of Anybody – Kanayo O Kanayo Unapologetically says



Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has unapologetically said he isn’t scared or afraid of anyone and it will be stupid of him to be afraid of someone at his age..

The actor who turns 60 this year has made it clear that there’s no way anybody can be like him no matter how hard the person tries and looking at his age right now, it will just be stupid of him to be afraid of anyone now and we agree with him.

Kanayo O Kanayo speaking about aging in Nigeria said hitting 60yrs in Nigeria isn’t something to be happy or proud of because since childhood they’ve been struggling with no electricity, no basic amenities and it’s still the same at the age of 60.

And the worse part of it all is that you go to school as a youth and graduate with a first class only to work for someone who hasn’t been to school and sometimes he wonders how his son who is so quite is going to make it through certain situations in the country.

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