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“God Will Punish Those Linking Fulani With Terrorism, It Will Never Be Well With Them” – Bodejo, Miyetti Allah Leader



“God will punish those or anyone linking these atrocities to the Fulani. They are saying this because Buhari is a Fulani. What we forget is that these countries that have borders with Nigeria- Chad, Niger, Mali and Cameroun/Ambazonia have problems.

Nigeria is like a mother to all of them and when these countries are having issues, part will spill over to Nigeria and we will not have peace. That is what we are witnessing.

“So, anybody linking the Fulani to all these things happening is not only sick but will also be punished by God. Since the Abuja-Kaduna train started to operate, I don’t think any pure Fulani man has boarded it.

If you carry a pure Fulani in a big car, he won’t feel comfortable, but if you carry him in a rickety truck, he would be very relaxed. It is a lie. Fulani are not the ones doing all these havocs.

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