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Young Lady Share Her Sad Story On How She Was Poisoned For 7 Years And Did Thought She Was Going To Die (Details below)



Efe Patrick caught the attention of social media users some days ago when she shared testimony of how she survived poison attack that left her sick for seven years.

She said that she was poisoned at the age of 13, and was sick for seven years until God rescued her. Many had celebrated with her, and thanked God for her life.

The young lady was recently interviewed by the motivational speaker and Youtuber, Lucky Udu, where she opened up on her battle with the sickness.

In the video Lucky Udu shared on his Instagram page, Efe Patrick said that she was poisoned ten years ago, and that she does not know who did it. She added that her mother even lost her marriage because of her.

Speaking further, she said that in the course of her treatment, she was made to eat a lot of things which included sand, frogs, among others just to get better, and that her mother sold everything she had to pay for her treatment.

She said that there was a place they took her to where they had to cut different parts of her body every morning and put medicine in the openings, and that the pain was so much and she thought she was going to die. She said that because of that, she started drinking alcohol.

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The story of Efe Patrick clearly shows that there is nothing God cannot do.

Below is the photo of how she is now:

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