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See How A Pastor Started Crying When He Heard That A Woman He Slept With Died Of HIV (Details below)



Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi, a pastor at the Christ Apostolic Church spoke about In the dark in a recent post on Facebook. It is quite unfortunate that many Christians are in the dark about the minister of God they are following. Some pastors are committing fornication and many atrocities despite having large followers.

He said that when he was working as an evangelist under a woman, there was a particular woman who started coming to their church then. He knew she wasn’t feeling well but he didn’t know the causes of her sickness until she died. It was after she died they heard that she died of HIV. Then there was a man of God that they normally invited as a revivalist then, when he heard about the woman’s death and her nature of sickness, he was weeping bitterly beating his chest.

The cleric then revealed that the woman he was working with asked him why her death caused him so much pain even more than the church. He then opened up that he had slept with her several times and she never told him that she was HIV positive. Two years after he also died of the same disease.

Finally, he said, “No matter how rich, great, famous or powerful that man of God is, it doesn’t change the standard of God that we shall all receive our rewards on earth and also on the last day, no matter how great his anointing or how great the grace of God upon his head, he will not go unpunished if he’s guilty. So many of we preachers are guilty of what we are preaching to people and because of our position we refused to repent and restitute.”

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