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Old Woman Who Did Vigil For Tinubu To Win APC Primaries Discloses Fresh Details Of Their Discussion (Details below)



The aged woman, Alhaja Shifau Alanamu who gained public attention after a video of her sacrificing her sleep to pray for Bola Tinubu to emerge as the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate has revealed fresh details about her interaction with the former Lagos State Governor.

It will be recalled that Tinubu met with Alhaja Shifau from Ilorin who sacrificed her sleep all through the night.

According to reports, she had stayed up all night, watching and praying fervently for Bola Tinubu to emerge victorious during the APC special convention held in Abuja in June.

After winning the primary election with 1271 votes, the APC national leader met her to extend his thanks, stirring reactions from social media.

In a fresh interview with Daily Trust, the woman from Kwara State has revealed more details of her discussion with Tinubu during their meeting.

She stated that she stayed up in prayers despite her old age because she believed unlike some greedy leaders, Tinubu has the capacity to turn Nigeria around. She added that though she has never met him, she was in Lagos during his time as Governor and she can testify to his good works and how he touched the lives of many people.

In her words, “first, I will like to say that I’m not educated and don’t have any child who is a politician. I am over 100 years old and have never met him personally.

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“I am in Ilorin and can barely walk because of my age, so I decided to monitor it on the screen and prayed fervently for his emergence.

“My action was because of his track record as former governor of Lagos State, which benefited ordinary people like me. As a philanthropist, Tinubu treats clerics well and with respect and believes in even distribution of the commonwealth, unlike some greedy leaders.”

Asked if she was in Lagos during Tinubu’s term as Lagos Governor, she answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, and I benefited greatly during that time because a lot of people around me were gainfully employed and they were living fine,” she said.

She also denied expecting any reward or compensation for her action, stating that she only wants what is best for Nigeria as a country.

“I only want the best for the country. The situation now is saddening, I have been looking for an opportunity to speak to those in power to try to save the country from its present situation. I believe if the country is good, my children will benefit as well because I am after the wellbeing of everyone,” she added.

Alhaja Shifau went on to explain how Tinubu brought her to Abuja, treated her well and some other things they discussed.

“It was his son, Deji, who first invited me and I was concerned about my mobility. But they insisted that I have to come. I thought it was a prank until they brought a car and they took us to the Ilorin Airport. When we landed in Abuja, Tinubu sent his personal car to pick me and others who accompanied me on the trip. They gave us a grand reception and treated us so warmly at the hotel we were lodged in. I was wondering what was going on. Tinubu was very busy the day we met him, but Deji was with us throughout.

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“Our discussion lasted a few minutes. He came and sat beside me and held my hands in a very friendly and respectful manner. I prayed that he will emerge as the president and he asked me what I wanted,” she said.

On her request to Tinubu, she revealed she didn’t ask for anything personal but urged him to take care of Nigerians if he eventually emerges President.

According to her, Tinubu promised to develop the country and prayer for God to spare her life to witness it happen.

“I told him I don’t need anything from him but he should try to improve the wellbeing of Nigerians if elected. He prayed to God to spare my life to witness everything I wished for. He also promised to develop the country with Allah on his side. Thereafter, he stood and walked away before his son came and prostrated to thank me,” she concluded.

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