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“I Had To Treat My Throat After Shouting At Parade Ground” – Man In Viral NYSC Photo Turned To Meme Speaks Out (Details below)



Since 2018, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) parade photo of Umar Ibrahim Umar has been circulating online as a meme of choice among social media users.

The photo which is an iconic snapshot taken when Umar was shouting out commands as the parade commander has become a meme used for different illustrations on social media.

It is however evident that many people who use the photo are completely unaware of how it came about or even where it was taken or the photographer behind it.

A lot of people have also used the photo to even try to ridicule Umar or make jest of the NYSC and in some cases, the situation in Nigeria because of the seriousness of his face in the photo.

Recently, a Twitter user even claimed that Umar is now working as a Point of Sale (POS) attendant. This was untrue and clearly, a bad insinuation plotted to imply that after shouting himself hoax, Umar got nothing from his seriousness on the parade ground. decided to reach out to Umar and to once and for all clear the air about the iconic photo. How did the photo come about and who took it?

In 2018, Umar, a 29-year-old graduate of Physics from the Federal University, Kashere proceeded to Wailo NYSC orientation camp in Bauchi state preparatory for his one-year compulsory service.

Recalling how it all began, Umar told

“I’m from Yamaltu Deba Local Government, Gombe State. I graduated in the year 2017, and proceeded to Wailo permanent NYSC orientation Camp, Bauchi state for the NYSC camping. I served in 2018 under Batch A, Stream 1.”

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Umar becomes NYSC parade commander at Wailo camp When he got to the camp, Umar participated actively in the usual ‘military’ parade and quickly rose in ranks to become the overall parade commander at the camp. Nigerians who have gone for NYSC will know that this means a lot and that it is a whole level of responsibility on camp.

How the photo was taken The iconic photo with a very serious expression was taken on the last day of camp at the passing out parade. Interestingly, Umar said he was not aware that anyone took a shot of him during the parade. He said he only became aware of the photo when he first saw it on Twitter.

The iconic photo was taken by @sidiq, who was then a corps member under the Orientation Broadcasting Service. Umar spoke of the moment the photo was taken:

“The photo was an unexpected shot from an OBS member on the parade ground. We were parading on the final day (passing out) on camp.

“I was overwhelmed by the commands, shouting with the loudest voice I can for every single man/woman on the parade to hear my exact words so as to ensure all went well.

“I only saw the photo on Twitter a day after the camping. And since that day, it goes viral from time to time on social media.

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“I’m proud of the photo says Umar Contrary to popular beliefs, Umar is very proud of the photo. He said he never felt ashamed for a moment since the photo started to circulate as a meme of choice.

“Some use it to mock me, some applauded my effort and zeal. I feel proud instead. I will still do the same, if not more if I get to go back to camp. They say what’s worth doing, is worth doing well!”

Another part of the photo is the small fame that has come with it as some quickly recognise Umar in real life. He talked about this:

“That’s one of the parts I like. They actually respect me and pray that the trending photo will lead me to something better in life. I so much feel happy and encouraged.

“Many of my friends feel proud to associate themselves with me, by telling their colleagues about me.”

On the downside, however, Umar who now works as a teacher said he had to go and treat his throat after the intense shouts at the NYSC parade ground. He said he used bitter kola.

His words:

“I had to treat my throat after camp, seriously, by using bitter kola. Somehow my voice disappeared for a while after the camp.”

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