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“I Had Feelings For Queen But I Distanced Myself When She Planned To Have S*x With Cross” – Whitemoney Reveals (Video below)



The BBNaija Reunion Show is still airing as we learn more about the housemates. Today’s episode focuses on Whitemoney and Queen, followed by Arin and Nini.

Whitemoney has finally revealed why he abandoned Queen.

Ebuka asked Queen why she was so possessive of Whitemoney in the house and always wanted him to herself, and she explained that it was because he got her back and she had feelings for him at some point. According to her, she is not willing to force him but will simply allow it to happen naturally.

In the house, Whitemoney said he liked Queen a lot and that the best day of his life was when she cooked. He was relieved and overjoyed. He stated that he, like her, is an emotional person who does not want to rush things with her.

He stated that when she mentioned having sex with Cross during a conversation they had in the lounge, he began to drift away from her.

Whitemoney, who didn’t agree with what she said, immediately informed her, and she apologized.

Whitemoney stated that he wanted to see how things would be outside the house, but he discovered that she was still the same person.

He apologized for using derogatory language against her and stated that he never blocked her on WhatsApp.

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