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AT LAST: TINUBU Angrily Reveals The Truth About The Death of President Muhammadu Buhari After APC Disqualified Him (Details below)



Before reading this article, please kindly click on subscribe for more updates. A lot of Nigerians have proven with words and reactions that President Buhari is dead. Some even went ahead to look for an alleged letter which shows how some countries sent their condolences letters to Nigeria over Buhari’s death.

It was Crystal clear a few years ago, President Muhammadu Buhari was admitted into a hospital in the oversees which came barely a few months after his winning over the formal President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Arguments and confusion loom in the country when the rumor arises that president Muhammadu Buhari allegedly died during his medical treatment in the oversees.While the controversial argument continues In the country, some said the Man acting as president Buhari was launched into Nigeria from another foreign country.

Before you proceed, what is your view concerning the alleged #fake Buhari? Are you one of those Nigerians that proves Buhari is dead? Well, TINUBU has revealed the truths about it. TINUBU was disappointed in Nigerians as he expressed his mind sorrowfully over the controversial #fakeBuhari.

He said in his statement that” I was disappointed in so many Nigerians when I heard the rumor of #fakeBuhari, someone at the top loyal to me came to me to ask if President Buhari has died or not” .Well, the Formal president, TINUBU, has finally revealed the truth about the #fakeBuhari. To be candid, truths were noticed from what

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TINUBU said in the recent release video below

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