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“Your God Is Powerless And Useless” – Dr Olufunmilayo Angrily Reacts To Deborah’s Death (Details below)



“Your God Is Powerless And Useless”. Dr Olufunmilayo Reacts To Deborah’s Death.

If you need to murder someone to “defend” your god, then your god is powerless and useless.

And if reading this tweet upset you, you are brainless. You are exactly the chosen intended audience for the tweet.

The earlier we speak against this barbarism, the better for all of us.

If you believe your god is all-powerful, why does he need you a mere human mortal to “fight” for him and “defend” him? Think about it.

I write this to everyone who believes in the existence of an all-powerful God.

If our God is “almighty”, pls why do we need to murder for him?

If your god is “all-merciful”, “all-forgiving”, “merciful” and “benevolent”, why do you not leave judgment to him to do?

If he’s the one offended;

If he’s the “Almighty” and “True Judge”;

Why do you see the need to carry out judgment for him- if he’s not powerless and useless?

That young girl murdered is a human being like me like you. Someone’s sister, someone’s daughter and someone’s friend.

All her friends, families and loved ones are in pain right now because she went to school in a place that felt it’s okay to murder people to “defend” their god.

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We need to do better

We need to think better.

This is 2022. Not the year 1322.

We are civilised people. Not brutal barbarians. We need to rethink our ways and our behaviour.


If you need to kill a human being to defend your god, your god is simply useless and powerless. Reports

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