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Woman Stomach Ruptures While Giving Birth Due To Careless Nurses (Details below)



Esther Njeri is a lady who grew up strong and healthy but motherhood led her to having a critical health condition because of negligence from the hospital she went to give birth from

She revealed to Lynn Ngugi that she had a smooth journey during pregnancy but had to undergo caesarian section because that is how she got her first baby and it would have been risky to go for a normal birth.

While being operated, she felt them pulling something and it felt weird because she did not experience the same during the first cs. She assumed it and thought it was a non-issue but when she was being stitched she heard one of the nurses say, “haishoneki”.

Immediately after surgery she was taken to the recovery room but she started vomiting nonstop for several hours. The doctor kept telling her that it was normal because of the medicine she had been injected while in the theatre.

The vomiting went on for some days but no one offered to check what the problem was. While every woman in the recovery ward was able to walk upright while being discharged, Esther was still in a lot of pain and could not stand but the health workers insisted that she be discharged. According to them she was just being childish.

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At home, several days passed but she could not eat anything because of too much nausea. Instead of her wound healing, it started to produce a weird discharge and her stomach started swelling. When she was taken back to the hospital they took her back to the theatre, operated her stomach vertically then they told her that they had corrected the problem. They refused to disclose what was happening to her.

She stayed at the hospital for a whole month but she was not recovering. One day she got a wave of nausea and when she vomited the pressure made the wound rapture and all her intestines came outside

They wanted to take her back to theatre but the husband refused. He asked for a referral letter to go to Kenyatta National Hospital but the facility refused again. A friend of theirs who is a health worker in another hospital is the one who intervened and made them release her. What made them suspect the hospital knew that Esther’s condition was caused by their doctors is the fact that they did not ask them for a single cent for the whole month she stayed there

At KNH she was examined by a specialist and was told that her condition was bad because other parts of her stomach were messed up with. She stayed there for another month and the problem could not be fully corrected.

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The wound refused to close itself fully, so she was left with a hole on her stomach. Because the hospital bill was too much for them she had to be discharged with a small machine which is meant to help the hole close. She goes everywhere with the machine and a catheter and she says that it stresses her a lot.

At the hospital she was told to look for money and seek help from another specialist for her to heal completely. Right now it is hard to raise enough money because she needs to buy her medication, baby’s formula and her husband lost his job because he used to spend more time at the hospital with her.

They revealed that the hospital that messed with her is St Mary’s Lang’ata Hospital and seeking justice has been hard because Ksh 100k is needed to open a case file but they have no means of getting such an amount of money. They asked Kenyans to help them with contribution so that Esther could get proper medication for her wound and get justice.

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